High temperature fixed ball two-way wear-resistant ball valve door design

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-02
High temperature bidirectional fixed ball wear-resistant ball valve door design, material selection and its structure characteristics, analyzes the main components of the design theory and calculation method, product performance to reach the domestic advanced level, in the development and application of machinery industry has the vital significance. 1, an overview of the current domestic use and wear ball valve door, generally USES the usual one-way seal, valve seat to reach whole sealing effect. Traditional & other; Loose & throughout; The clearance around the valve seat resulting buildup medium and wear and tear, in use process, because of the dust and other granular material in a sphere or valve seat adhesion, easy cause when opening and closing valve or ball abrasion, valve seat and ball & other Lock & throughout; , resulting in seal failure. Sealing material is not resistant to high temperature or sealing surface damage and lead to gate valve leakage and the dead, so that greatly reduce the service life of the valve door, and hard to meet the needs of the valve door industry. High temperature bidirectional fixed ball wear-resistant ball valve door application of new technology, new structure and new technology and new standard, using high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance of high carbon low sulfur gasket as a two-way sealing based, provides a stable sealing pressure ratio. The unique combination of valve seat design, has a good sealing effect and the grinding performance and scraping. 2, the working principle of high temperature two-way wear-resisting fixed ball ball valve door of the main components, right, left the valve body, valve body ball, valve stem, combination valve seat, combination packing, manual device components. Valve door in the action to be switch, figure 1 manual device 7 handle only need to rotate clockwise 90 & deg; , ball valve door closing motion; Counterclockwise, open action sphere. When the handle when the direction of axis parallel to the direction of the axis of the ball valve door, ball valve door in the fully open position; When the handle axis direction, perpendicular to the direction of the axis of the ball valve gate valve door closed. 3, design, technical scheme, 1) High temperature fixed two-way wear-resisting ball valve door is fixed ball two chip through ball valve door, in the design of main parts parts material is: the valve body adopts the WCB, CF8, CF8M, valve rod material for 17 - Ph, 304, 316, 4 ball material F304 + WC, F316 + WC. The design of the valve gate leakage in accordance with GB/T13927 D regulations. ( 2) Ball valve door opening and closing action in use process, due to the medium of scour, erosion and accumulation, causes of sealing face of the different degree of wear and tear, lead to gate valve leakage is serious, then use the form of combination valve seat structure, as shown in figure 2, the gasket adopts the unique design of the inverted triangle, metal sealing valve seat seal and bearing ring with high polymer material triangle is, thus fundamentally eliminating the media into the valve at the bottom of the condensing, the valve seat seal between the valve body and the possibility of the radial leakage. Also USES the high polymer material between the ring and the base of the triangle ring to support each other and sealing ring, completely solve the particulate medium into spring hole lead to cylindrical spring cannot scale defects and under high temperature and medium or particles sphere and valve seat & other; Lock & throughout; Problem, ensure the normal order of the spring in the valve seat seal, the seal pressure always maintain in a reasonable scope, implement the working condition of high temperature state of the valve gate high performance reliability of long-term operation. ( 3) Filler combination separation are, the triangle structure design, as shown in figure 3. Seal set and isolation ring dividing the two sets of packing, packing for the regular triangle, and packing 2. The triangle. After repeated practice, when the medium pressure push for ball valve gate valve rod, valve rod, qi movement, triangular packing one, two transfer, effectively remove the graphite powder is attached to the valve rod surface corrosion phenomenon, in this way, the valve rod, improves the service life of the packing 2 ~ 3 times, gland leakage rate is zero. 4, technical requirements, 1) Ensure the spheroid and the valve seat benign seal, main components directly from the valve door CWK800 horizontal machining center. Installed on the valve body combination valve seat radial tolerance level D10, light degree requirements 1. 6 cooperate with them. ( 2) Sphere - The valve seat sealing deputy ( As shown in figure 4) The supersonic spraying tungsten carbide ( HRC≥ 70). Process and our company patent grinding process, in combination with scraping type sealing structure, wide surface sphere and must be paired with the valve seat grinding, make them form a continuous seal belt, so as to realize zero leakage, sticky dirty resistance, erosion resistance, the purpose of extending the service life of the valve gate. In 6, the conclusion through the design calculations and the actual application, high temperature bidirectional fixed ball wear-resistant ball valve door can completely satisfy the use requirement of working condition, has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, building, metallurgy, oil, water, corrosive fluid engineering and aluminum alumina powder transportation engineering, has a broad development potential.
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