Honda accord car solenoid valve cause difficulties start

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Honda accord car solenoid valve cause difficulties start time fault phenomenon is a Honda accord car, start the hard times, the unstable idle speed, acceleration, shivering cold car fault phenomenon is more serious. The engine failure indicator is always bright. Failure diagnosis and elimination through inspection found that when don't step on the accelerator pedal start is difficult, a bit depressed after the throttle is relatively easy to start, but start a lift after the engine flameout. If starts always step on the accelerator pedal, after a period of time and then slowly release the accelerator pedal, the engine can run, but the idle speed is not stable, swam back and forth between ~ r/min, vacuum degree in ~ kPa, accelerate to r/min above all is normal. Analysis of this kind of failure in the other car is very much also, because most of the throttle body dirty or idle speed control valve caused serious formation. And fault point lies mainly in air inflow is restricted, because cold car starts, the volume is relatively more, though the computer will control the idle speed control valve, but it requires a process. So a lot of time because of the throttle body dirty or idle speed control valve serious formation cause such problems. But the fault is rarely causes trouble light normally on. The air intake system has carried on the inspection and cleaning. Air intake system for the pipe connections in good condition, no leakage, jam phenomenon, throttle position sensor and idle speed control valve works well. Checked with malfunction diagnosis of engine electronic control system. Read the fault code for P - — Oxygen sensor circuit voltage is too low. Remove the oxygen sensor, the surface is no carbon, measuring the wire connection is reliable, oxygen sensor is normal. But oxygen sensor feedback voltage is always less than, V, mixture too lean. Remove the water temperature sensor wiring harness connector, plug in a rheostat to ~ k Ω ( Because of the temperature sensor of a fuel injection quantity control correction signal, high temperature reduced the volume of injection, low temperature fuel injection quantity increase, add a ~ k Ω, fuel injection quantity increase when ℃) Once again test found that oxygen sensor feedback voltage close to, V, further illustrate the oxygen sensor is normal, just lean mixture. Measured fuel pressure as the kPa, normal. Remove the fuel injector failure remains after cleaning, fault codes only P, remove the sensor test, the other is able to read to the corresponding fault code, ECU, no problem, must be a flat. On the air intake system and connected checked or not found abnormal vacuum tubes. And to screening of EVAP, EGR system, after remove the EGR valve on the vacuum tube, the engine idle speed up to r/min, and stability in the kPa vacuum also rise. Solenoid coil car maintenance editor's note EGR valve through pipelines will exhaust pipe and inlet pipe connected, its true air chamber at the top of the vacuum degree by EGR control solenoid valve control, EGR control electromagnetic valve is controlled by the ECU. ECU according to engine speed, air flow rate, inlet pressure, temperature and so on signal control EGR control solenoid valve coil electricity the length of time to control into the EGR valve of true air chamber at the top of the vacuum degree, to control the opening of the EGR valve to change in the amount of exhaust gas recirculation. In upper EGR valve and a position sensor, its function is to detect the EGR valve opening position, and use the potentiometer position into its corresponding voltage signal, feedback to the ECU, as a reference signal to control the exhaust gas recirculation. In idling process, an EGR system doesn't work. Unplug after starting an EGR valve on the vacuum tube, with hand over the tube found feel vacuum suction, under normal circumstances there is no vacuum at this time. Because has a vacuum suction result in waste gas circulation at the idle speed condition, resulting in mixture is too thin, unstable idle speed. Then remove the EGR control solenoid wiring harness plug, found there are still a vacuum in the vacuum tube, the fully show an EGR control solenoid valve is faulty. Further examination found that the valve is dirty, so with carburetor erase agent erase and drip into the two drops of clean oil, refitted after troubleshooting.
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