HOPE culture

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Lead * * company philosophy: ideas, cast quality brand, for speed and efficiency of science and technology to create excellent corporate slogan: good thick PuZao valve enterprise purpose: to keep pace with The Times leading the future enterprise spirit: * *, practical, scientific and harmonious enterprise goal: establish global brand position, the valve industry ranks world valve professional brand enterprise policy, management norms, market development as a platform, product * * as the mainstay, technological progress as the beam, excellent quality as the guarantee, casting brilliant business enterprise value: brand + + quality = enterprise of social value concept: employees, cast quality thick pu valve brand reputation, full of thick pu valve quality policy: science and technology to create quality products contributing to society business philosophy: hard attentively, marketing services to ascend; Dedecates road construction, the service market management strategy, brand orientation, market pioneer, resource integration, the overall coordination, step-by-step implementation, and promote the market concept: a common fate, cooperation 'multi-win'; System of production and marketing together, expand the market management idea: to regulate behavior, to unify team by affinity, to drive development of mechanism, to the strategic goal service concept: affection, quickly, standard, excellent talent concept: people-oriented, implement capital and the combination; Industry, manifest the value of life and career of conduct: good faith, practical work, the enterprise of science and technology, enterprise culture of country, HOPE HOPE new standard valve main market for the development of machinery industry to accelerate the development of China's valve industry
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