HOPE the valve mainly the development of the market

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Oil and gas industry in North America and some developed countries, there are a lot of projects planned and expansion of oil, in addition, because people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the state set up environmental protection laws and regulations, build refineries must reinvent so many years ago, so in the next few years, developing and refining oil money will keep growing. China's oil and gas long distance pipeline construction and the future of Russia's long distance pipeline construction will directly promote the growth of the oil industry valve market. 2. Energy industry for a long time, the energy industry demand for valve has maintained a solid, stable growth. Construction of thermal power plant and nuclear power plants of the world's total capacity of 2679030 mw, power generating capacity is 743391 mw in the United States, other countries in the world of new power generating capacity is 780000 mw power plant project, in the next few years will increase by 40%. Europe, South America, Asia, especially China's energy market will become a new growth point of the valve market. 3. Chemical industry for more than 1 chemical industry. 5 trillion dollars of production value in industry, is one of the valve * large market demand. Chemical industry need to design more mature, high processing quality, rare materials, industrial valves. HOPE valve main market HOPE all staff to wish the new and old users and the social people from all walks of life happy Spring Festival culture of HOPE
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