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AIRWOLF CO, LTD upholds a spirit to be down-to-earth and fearless in the development. Now we have many honors and certifications. AIRWOLF enjoys good natural conditions, geographic location and social environment with abundant resources and traffic convenience. AIRWOLF is committed to producing quality stainless steel solenoid valve and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers. We can design and manufacture cost-effective exactly pursuant to your requirements.

What does HEPA mean? HEPA generally refers to efficient air filters.The air purifier is mainly composed of filter element and housing.The basic requirements are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance and continuous use for a long time to reduce the cost of later consumables.The filter element refers to the air filter,Efficient air filters play a vital role in the air purification industry.Efficient air filters are mainly used to trap 0.Particle dust and various suspended matter below 5um.The filter material is made of ultra-fine glass fiber paper,The coated paper, aluminum film and other materials are divided into plates,Glued to wooden frame aluminum alloy, it is made of special silicone rubber, has no smell, does not harden the surface, does not crack for a long time, and has stable chemical properties,Corrosion resistance,Can absorb the stress generated by thermal expansion and cold contraction without cracking,Moderate soft hardness,Good resilience.Each was tested by sodium flame method,It has th

What is the front filter, the water purifier is installed, and it is necessary to install the front Front filter, 40 micron filtration accuracy, mainly intercepting suspended matter of sediment rust particles, protecting water appliances (especially water heaters), protecting the filter element of the water purifier installed behind, and prolonging the service life of the machine
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