How about the minimum order value for OEM products?
Why do you use air filters at the gas source end in the pneumatic circuit, oil-water separator Air filter (oil-water separator) indicated in pneumatic circuit ),It is to filter out the water vapor, oil and gas, dust impurities from the compressed air at the gas source end,The air purification function is performed on the subsequent pneumatic system (loop.Because the main components that are filtered out are water and gas,So also called oil and water separator.The air filter (oil-water separator) also has different sizes, different precision (filtration degree) and so on.For example,Coarse filter,General filter,Fine filter,Oil removal filter,Deodorant filter,And so on the various nature and required filters needed in the pneumatic system.After the general oil-water separator, the pressure reducing valve (pressure regulating valve) will be followed ),And may also increase the mist.

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Brush epoxy resin anti-corrosion in the mechanical filter, use acetone to adjust the resin, what is the ratio, how much curing agent! Bottom preparation: 100g epoxy resin,Thinner 40-60 grams,25g low temperature curing agent (T31;Preparation of putty material layer (sticking ring cloth layer) and surface layer: 100g epoxy resin,Thinner 10-20 grams,25g low temperature curing agent (T31;Preparation sequence: After the epoxy resin is heated and melted (direct heating is strictly prohibited,Use the container for consumption,Then mix well with the thinner.Add curing agent again,After mixing, use it.Preparation is completed.After the preparation is completed, the epoxy resin should be used within 2 hours.Name of glass cloth: surface felt,The thickness is about 0.1 bottom,Sand blasting at the base,After the acetone was cleaned,Brush epoxy,2 Put a layer of glass cloth,Paste real,No bubbles,No wrinkle,Note: thinner generally can not be adjusted with acetone when brushing epoxy resin with acetone,Because aceto
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