how do double diaphragm pumps work? -

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-12
The advantages of double diaphragm pump the double diaphragm pneumatic pump is a multi-function pump suitable for various fluids.If there is compressed air supply at the production site, you can use a solid pump.
A double-The diaphragm pump is positive-Displacement pump, using two flexible diaphragm that move back and forth, produces a temporary chamber to breathe in and deliver fluid through the pump.The membrane acts as a wall between air and liquid.The first spray two membranes, which are connected by the shaft through the central part where the air dispenser is located.The purpose of the air dispenser is to guide the compressed air to the back of the No. 1 film and remove it from the center part.The number one diaphragm causes the movement of moving the liquid out of the pump.At the same time, the suction stroke of the second membrane.The air behind the second membrane is discharged into the atmosphere, causing the vacuum to suck the liquid into the suction side.The ball valve is removed from the seat allowing the fluid to enter the collector.The second injection when the No. 1 pressurized film reaches the end of its stroke, the air dispenser reverses the air movement from the No. 1 film on the back of the No. 2 film.Compressed air pushes the second film away from the central block, pulling the first film to the central block.In the second pump room, the ball of the discharge valve is pushed out of its seat, while in the first pump room, the opposite will occur.After the race, the air dispenser returns to the back of the No. 1 film and starts the cycle again.Where can double diaphragm pump be used?Diaphragm pumps are used in many industries.

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Explosive products (ATEX), in addition to fluid transfer properties, can also specify membrane pumps for ATEX areas, sanitary applications CE 1935/2004, FDA and 3A, and other industry compliance measures.Why use air pump?This is a multi-function pump that allows users in various industries to standardize on one type of pump to deliver a variety of fluids.If there is available compressed air supply, the pump can be installed and can be moved around the factory if changes are needed and easily used for other operations.Diaphragm pumps offer high efficiency and lowMaintenance Solutions for fine pumping and chemical and physical corrosive liquids are required.
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