How is the quality of air filter regulator lubricator ?
Can the manganese sand filter produce water directly into reverse osmosis? Because the turbidity of a piece of water filtered by your membrane is relatively high, the pollution of the membrane is relatively large.The membrane is highly polluted and the amount of water is reduced.The water filtered by the second membrane has high precision, low pollution and good membrane flux.Water production is lower than the first paragraph.Because the first paragraph removed the waste water.If the first paragraph is placed in the second paragraph, the membrane pollution in the first paragraph is high and the membrane flux is low. The second paragraph of water causes secondary pollution through this membrane, but the quality of the effluent reduces the poor water quality.It can be rinsed back with alkali for half an hour and rinsed with clear water.Rinse with acid and rinse with clear water (water mixed with two sections ).Then rinse with clear water for half an hour.Just fine.If the water is running water,You can go direct

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What does the hi med lo vr mf on the air conditioner motherboard mean? Micro-filtration (mf) micro-filtration is also called micro-filtration,It belongs to precision filtration,Particles and bacteria capable of filtering Micron-grade (m) or nano-scale (nm.The basic principle is the screening process,The operating pressure is generally 0.7-7kPa,Under the action of static pressure difference,Through a filter material.Filter materials can be divided into a variety,For example, folding filter element, fusion filter element, bag filter, micro filter membrane, etc.Micro-pore filtration membrane made of cellulose or polymer materials,Using its uniform aperture,To trap particles, bacteria, etc. in the water,So that it cannot be removed through the filter membrane.What determines the separation effect of the membrane is the physical structure of the membrane,The shape and size of the hole.At present, there are more than ten specifications of micro-hole films,The aperture is from 14 m to 0.0
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