How many people in AIRWOLF export department?
AIRWOLF CO, LTD will assume more social responsibility for the country, provide customers with higher value pneumatic vibrator and services. Please contact. Committed to the Professional Production in the Manufacturing General Mechanical Components Design Services Industry Compared with other products in the industry, angle seat valves has more obvious advantages which are reflected in the following aspects. AIRWOLF is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations.

Does gan Zhi's water purifier function the same as the water filter? The function of Ganzhi water purifier is different from that of water filter,The water purifier is more pure after filtration,The water filter is just a preliminary filter,Some bacterial viruses and heavy metals are not filtered out,The water filtered by the water purifier can generally be consumed directly.Water purifier is also called water purifier, water filter,The core of its technology is the filter film in the filter device,The main technology of water purifier comes from two kinds of UF membrane and RO reverse osmosis membrane,It is a small water treatment equipment for deep purification of water quality according to the requirements of water use.The water purifier mentioned at ordinary times,Generally refers to a small filter used as a household.According to different purification principles and processes,Can be divided into many kinds.Among them, RO reverse osmosis technology has the highest filtration accuracy (filtration accu

Can the water filtered by the activated carbon filter be drunk? Activated carbon belongs to crystalline carbon, which is mainly based on physical adsorption in the process of water treatment. Because it has a huge adsorption surface area, its adsorption force is very strong. Generally, the specific surface area of activated carbon is above 1000m2/g, and the total volume of fine holes can reach 0.6-0.18 ml/g, statistical distribution of aperture 1-104.The adsorption capacity of activated carbon has obvious removal effect on halides and total trihalogen methane in water, but the removal effect of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses) and dissolved heavy metal ions in water is not obvious. If the water filtered by activated carbon can be drunk directly, this mainly depends on the water quality of the filtered raw water.If the bacteria and heavy metals in the water exceed the standard, then the filtered water cannot be drunk directly. At present, there are few water purifiers made of only activated carbon as a fil
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