How many people in AIRWOLF R&D department?
The popularity of angle seat valves produced by AIRWOLF CO, LTD brand has been increasing rapidly. In the future, AIRWOLF runs the business with sincerity-based management, so as to achieve mutual benefit. We seek survival by quality and develop with innovation. Sincere services provided by us are the foundation of customers' trust. All these contribute to a win-win situation which is based on common value. AIRWOLF's water solenoid valves is widely used in multiple industries and fields. The solenoid valves series is one of the main products of AIRWOLF. As it does not contains fragile parts like filaments and glass, it can withstand extreme temperature, vibration, and shock. Various easy-to-maintain and easy-to-use pneumatic components are available at Airwolf Automation. we has been attaching great importance to the pneumatic valve quality assurance to serve customers. Airwolf Automation has no special requirement for MOQ. we looks forward to reaching a friendly cooperation with you. Please contact us.

What are the efficient filter specifications? 50 Efficient filters are mainly used to capture 0.Particle dust and various suspended matter below 5um,Filter as the end of various filter systems.The filter material is made of ultra-fine glass fiber paper,Sheet paper, aluminum foil and other materials are folded as split plates,Sealing of new polyurethane sealant,It is made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy profile as outer frame.The filter has sand, laminated, centrifugal, mesh, centrifugal filter,See you in the field or greenhouses,Different uses,The specifications and models used are different,Centrifugal mesh filters are generally 3-inch or 4-inch,

Pure water treatment equipment Direct drinking water,The characteristic selective permeability performance of NF membrane is adopted,Remove organic matter, bacteria and viruses from tap water,Retain trace elements that are beneficial to the human body in the water,Is the 'deep treatment of tap water drinking water ',Output by ozone, ultraviolet rays, frequency conversion constant pressure to the water that the user can drink directly.Quality water supply refers to the different needs of people for water in life,The tap water provided by the municipal government is for drinking water,The tap water is deeply processed into purified water that can be directly drunk by special process,Then it is delivered to the household by a food hygiene-grade pipeline,And separately measured.This kind of pure water directly consumed is divided into pure water or pure water,That is, according to GB 17323 of th
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