How much do you know about the maintenance and the use of solenoid

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Electromagnetic valve repair and use you know how much time affect the electromagnetic valve normal work and shorten the service life of the reason mainly has the following there are impurities, use medium medium shall be unclean. Before installation, not rust in the pipeline of pipeline cleaning or discontinued for a long time. , air compressor in carbonization tar and other debris into line. A fault, power supply voltage and the control circuit. Therefore the use of electromagnetic valve and the maintenance, Shanghai thick pu valve co. , LTD. , put forward the following Suggestions, maintain the normal running of solenoid valve, it is recommended to use the unit with the designation of personnel responsible for operation and maintenance. , one or two times a year's preventive maintenance is the electromagnetic valve and reliable long work and the best way to help. , the electromagnetic valve before installation or put to use again after stopping for a long time, must check whether there are impurities in the pipeline; Before installation must clean the pipe. After installation or before using again after long time stop shall pass into the media try several times, working properly rear can use. , for steam valve again after long time stop when put into use, should try after the first row of net condensate action normal rear can put into operation. , have to cut off the power before maintenance, discharge medium pressure can remove the solenoid valve. , open the electromagnetic valve can be used when cleaning kerosene, trichloroethylene, such as solution, can be used according to the specific circumstances to determine what kind of solution, such as found rubber pieces deformation or aging can change to contact me. Unknown outside, if there are any parts, and other items, please contact our company inquiry. Over the years, the electromagnetic valve is always focus on the needs of customers, ongoing solenoid valve product research and development and innovation, a number of technology research at the international advanced level and domestic leading level. Please contact details about the electromagnetic valve manufacturing technology director wang
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