How the self-inspection for electric valve damage

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
In their daily use of electric valve there will be some damage in the process, some people may think that is the problem of electric actuators associated, actually can first check valve problems of its own, relative to the cylinder actuators on the environment and employees are demanding. But whether the valve need to be fixed on the surface is not able to distinguish, so how to distinguish? If there is damage to the valve electric actuator, the use of the whole equipment will appear many problems, bring a lot of trouble to the work, so we should pay attention to look at the storage of data, prediction for whether to need to repair the valve. Actually very simple, at the time of equipment work, leave a store record, the data is stored down to detect the state of the valve, and prompt the staff whether need to repair, where specific needs maintenance, let's to look at. Can distinguish whether the electric valve main 7, need maintenance data summary of up to five friction, a dynamic force, a position, 'five friction' is the seat of friction, the friction process, the operation of the valve stem and valve bearing friction torque, valve packing or seal friction, and valve stem thread friction; A dynamic in the dynamic force that is refers to the valve core; Refers to the position of the valve stem position. General at the time of valve is no problem, each stored data should be relatively stable, but if the valve is the problem, then the data statistics will have bigger difference, so we can change from the torque curve to predict and identify, see if there was a problem in electric actuator valve, whether to carry out repairs.
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