How to avoid the damage of pneumatic valve sealing surface

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Valve is control unit in the pipeline fluid conveying system, it is used to change the channel cross-section and flow direction of medium, a diversion, globe, throttle, check, or the overflow pressure relief, and other functions. The cause of the sealing surface damage someone for damage and two kinds of natural damage. Artificial damage, is due to the design and manufacture not jing, material selection and week, undeserved, factors such as lack of bad installation is not straight, use and maintenance. Natural damage, is the valve under normal working condition of wear and tear is medium corrosion and erosion of seal face the inevitable damage. In particular, the cause of damage of valve sealing surface mainly has the following kinds: installation is not lack of maintenance in operation of the sealing surface of valve to operate, in spite of premature damage the sealing surface. Damage caused by improper selection and bad manipulation. Mainly manifested in not choose valves according to the working condition of the premise, the block valves when the throttle valve is used, lead to too much closed pressure and closed too quickly or closed lax, the sealing surface by erosion and wear. Sealing surface machining quality is bad, mainly displays in the sealing surface defects such as cracks, porosity and clamp design, because of the overlaying welding and heat treatment specification improper selection and overlaying welding and heat treatment process control, caused by the bad sealing face hard through the high or low, because of the differences caused by error or improper heat treatment, select material sealing surface hardness uneven, no corrosion, mainly because of the underlying metal in welding process blow to the above, to dilute the sealing surface of alloy composition. There are, of course, the topic of design. Mechanical damage, sealing surface produces in the process of open and close scrapes, bruised, against damage. Between the sealing surface, under the action of high temperature and high pressure permeable leakage occurred atoms, produce adhesion phenomenon. When the two seal face each other while moving, adhesion pull to tear easily. Sealing surface coarse degree is higher, this kind of phenomenon occurs more easily. In the process of the valve in the closed, the disc in the process of return will touch wounded and squeeze sealing surface, make local sealing surface wear or indentation. Medium erosion, it is a medium activity when the results of the sealing surface wear, flushing, cavitation. Medium under a certain speed, variety of fine particle in medium resistance to break the seal face, make its local damage, high-speed medium directly flush seal face, make its local damage, medium mixed flow and partial vaporization, angry bubble production blasting shock sealing surface, cause local damage. Alternative action medium of erosion and chemical erosion, sealing surface erosion will be strong. Pneumatic valve http://www. dazkfy。 com
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