How to check the pneumatic valve if there is a problem

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
The pneumatic valve in the pipeline by the media for a long time, under the scour of varying degrees of damage will make parts, valve components of the sealing is not good; Can make open close does not reach the designated position, which reduces the engine's effective power, the engine, fuel quantity increase, to serious spontaneous combustion engine. Replace the air filter, such as found organic oil storage air filter box jersey, do an engine repair, check the gas valve working condition. If is not sealed, members of the timing. With heart muscle stem axis, under the traction of the chain or belt pulley, accurate timing on the gas valve of the push rod end, open the inlet, or outlet. Under the reaction force of the spring again, close the cylinder inlet, or outlet, reciprocating cycle back to work. Careful inspection work, is to use a special tool, compressed air valve spring, take out the gas valve fixed steel lock ring. In order to remember if the corresponding cylinder order. Then take a gas valve, at one end the umbrella, the figure well marked with chalk, put back to gas valve seat, and gently turn the throttle. Take out to see, if the chalk marks disappear entirely, gas valve is sealed. If the marker, the gas valve damage, has lost the role of sealing. Is about to grind the gas valve next procedure. Because it is working in the hot environment, gas valve rod shape may be out of shape. With a kind of instrument can measure, gas valve steel rod activity space, whether badly worn. Or because the deformation of steel rod up not free at all. In regulating valve, the lever on the heart turn away from the gas valve steel bar at the top of the distance of 0. 25 - 0. 33 mm, between steel slice of distance measurement. According to the engine ignition sequence 1 - additionally 2 - 4 - 3, or 1 - 3 - 4 - 2 to accurately adjust the gas valve opening or closing sequence and time. Because the engine is work under certain pressure, when put back into the machine cover, a seal is not sealed cover, directly affect the engine working power. Therefore must be in accordance with the standard, use how much torque, fixed good high temperature resistance, resistance to high pressure washer. In order to obtain a sufficient momentum engine.
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