How to choose the drain valve and maintenance of common sense

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
A, drain valve of the old type selection standard problems:, think on the royal chemical industrial company is located in Huddersfield and Grangemouth ( England) Industrial factory drain valve performance for seven years of monitoring and experiment, the level in the two producers lab for drain valve performance and fresh steam loss monitoring and experiment on the basis of the royal chemical industry company finally in the guidance for design of engineering related to modify the content of the drain valve selection. The changed new included in the 'guide' drain valve selection table. Drain valve of the old type selection standard there are a lot of shortcomings, the most obvious is that it is no mention of hydrophobic device types and hydrophobic method. The selected drain valve often does not match with the actual load. Especially, thermodynamic drain valve disk ( The basis of old type selection standard) Been especially workshop personnel mistaken for universal drain valve. Experiment reveals that the drain valve of the old type selection standard has a lot of problems: 1, the director of steam drain valve life is too short. 2, drain valve performance has failed, and the actual load selection does not match. 3, the most widely used as a general thermodynamic disc type drain valve, its energy saving effects of the worst, and compared with inverted bucket hydrophobic valve, life is very short. 4, bimetallic hydrophobic action to the unstable. Second, the drain valve selection techniques: the changed new 'guidance' includes hydrophobic valve selection table. Drain valve selection skills: 1, the inverted bucket drain valve: as director of all process load and steam line the first selection of drain valve, which all need to steam the occasion of hydrophobic. 2, floating ball thermal static drain valves: used in the process of hydrophobic, especially in the control load 3. Less than 5 kg ( 50psig) Applications or air content is high, the installation of inverted bucket there is something wrong with the drain valve. 3, balance pressure drain valve: used for heating or heating system is not important. 4, bimetallic strip thermal static drain valve: used for heat tracing pipeline or heating system working condition of low temperature and frost prevention. This type of drain valve can maximize the use of condensate in the sensible heat or to prevent overheating. The valve body for all stainless steel. 5, thermodynamic drain valve disk: as long as in the previous experience has shown its good performance, can be used as an inverted bucket drain valve replacement products, under the pressure of 17 kilograms of supervisor and with heat pipe steam limited use, or as a replacement for higher steam pressure. Because of its low energy efficiency, short service life, is not recommended, Moreover, in Huddersfield and Grangemouth factory are not allowed to use) 。 6, in the heat requirement is not high, thermal static drain valve to replace thermodynamic disc drain valve can improve the effect of energy saving, at the same time guarantee the service life. 7, mechanical drain valve ( The inverted bucket and floating ball valve of hydrophobic) No matter big or small load in the condensate load cases can ensure the steam contains no condensed water, and hot static drain valve when load increases the accumulation the condensate. ( , the valve door)
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