How to choose the electric valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
1, chooses the effect of the electric ball valves, working conditions of use and operation control method. ( Should be paid attention to in the selected parameters: if the electric ball valve to be used for control purposes, it is necessary to determine the following parameters: the rating method of operation requests, maximum and minimum flow, normal activities of the pressure drop, electric ball valves, closed when the pressure drop, the maximum and the minimum inlet pressure. ) Based on selected on and steps, reasonably and correctly when choosing and specific understanding of the various types of internal structures is necessary, in order to electric ball valve to make the right selection of choice. Electric explosion-proof control is after all, flanged ball valve pipe opening and closing a medium in the pipe flow method, the shape of the flow channel to have the electric ball valve must flow characteristic, in choosing the most suitable device pipeline system it necessary to consider this electric ball valve. 2, the request: the characteristics of the electric ball valve fluid flow resistance, discharge, flow characteristic, seal grade, etc. 3, the nature of the working medium, operating pressure, operating temperature, the corrosion features, is rich in solids, medium is toxic, isn't it is flammable, explosive medium, medium viscosity, etc. 4, dimensions, and outside form or request: nominal diameter, and joining methods and measure of pipeline and outside form feet inches or quality limit, etc. 5, the reliability of the goods, use life and explosion-proof electric equipment function, etc. The additional request. Electric ball valve on the features of function which the electric ball valve use and construction use characteristic, concluded that the function of the first use of the electric ball valve and use range, to use the electric ball valve features are: the types of electric ball valve ( CCTV, door, door, etc. ) ; Types of goods ( Gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, etc. ) ; The first part ( Shell, cover, stem, disc, seal face) The raw material; Transmission method, etc. Structure feature is concluded that the method such as installation, repair and maintenance of some of the structural features, due to the structure features are: the device dimensions and the overall height, and pipeline connection type ( Flange structure, internal thread, clip, cohesion, internal thread connection and welding end connection, etc. ) ; Sealing surface model ( Insert, internal thread ring, welding, spray welding, shell body) ; Stem tectonic pattern ( Rotating rod, lifting lever) And so on.
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