How to correctly install pneumatic actuator

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - : to ensure correct valve connection to install, you need to follow the following steps. In normal use after a period of time, to check check whether all the bolt tightening, and make the necessary to tighten again. The brazing wire or rod at point on the pipe socket in the pneumatic actuator. When the welding rod or wire into the joint to fire away from them. When, as alloy is drawn into joint before and after the fire. After the proper temperature is reached, alloy will flow readily into the space between the casing pipe shell and actuators. When joint is filled, a continuous rim of brazing alloy will see. Keep in mind what is the purpose of the recommended by the pneumatic actuator, and analyzes the application environment, so as to determine what is suitable for installation of pneumatic actuators. Before installing the correct pneumatic actuators, pneumatic actuators, in order to prevent damage and to ensure that the work give full play to the pneumatic actuator performance, please read the installation guide. 。 To outside of tube and inside of solder cup apply flux, flux welding surface coverage. Please use flux in moderation. 。 Make sure that the pneumatic actuator is fully open. Heat to tube first. As much as possible to transfer heat from the pipe pneumatic actuators. Avoid prolonged heating of pneumatic actuator itself. 。 First cut tube along the vertical direction, and finishing, deburring, measure the diameter. 。 Use cloth or steel wire brush to clean pipes and cutting parts, a bright metal surface. Recommended not to use steel wool. 。 When the solder is in a state of viscous, remove excess solder with the brush clean. Solder after cooling, will be a fillet around end of pneumatic actuators as. Silver brazing if using different brazing materials, by the strength of the brazed joint does not necessarily good, strength depends on pipe shell casing between normal and actuators, a wide range of cleaning maintenance work. Silver brazing of pneumatic actuator inside diameter of casing mechanical tolerance and surface smoothness requirements very, to ensure that sufficient adhesion. Should pay attention to in the process of clean and clear, careful observation of the residues of cleaning medium. In is dirty or incorrect cleaning on the surface of the brazing, welding effect is satisfactory very hard, because silver brazing alloys will not flow or adhesive on oxide, and the surface of the oil pollution and exposed, easy oxidation and result in voids and clutter rejection flux. Threaded connection a. Silver brazing method to assemble parts requires brazing. If allowed to apply flux components in an upright position, the water in the flux will evaporate, and dried flux is easy to fall off, exposing metal surfaces to oxidation. Assemble joint by, want to insert the pipeline pipe sleeve until it is obstructed. Assembly is to ensure that a stable support, that during the brazing operation can keep in a straight line. Flange connection when flux appears liquid and transparent on both tube and pneumatic actuators, start sweeping flame back and forth along axis of joint, in order to keep to be joined, especially toward base of pneumatic actuators sleeve parts of the heat. 。 Use the right amount of solder if using linear solder, then to the nominal diameter for/inch pneumatic actuators will use/inches of solder, and so on. If you use too much solder, so some solder may through the pipeline blocking part, and plug seal area. When installing a connecting parts, you can see and brazing alloy solder flow continues to thoroughly clean threaded end to remove any harmful steel or iron deposits. If you want a good welding, then use fluoro long tape or pipe dope. Only a small amount of use of pipe dope on pipe threads, but cannot be used on pneumatic actuators thread pipe dope. Do not allow any pipe dope into valve body in order to avoid damage to disc and seat. Before installation, check line of flow through the pneumatic actuator pneumatic actuators to make work. Close the pneumatic actuator before installation. Hex wrench set near the pipe to avoid possible distortion. After installation of pneumatic actuator, to shore up sagging pipe pipe pneumatic actuators causes deformation and failure. In the pneumatic actuator base sleeve baking. Heat evenly, with the flame of pneumatic actuators and pipeline baking process to continue to the flux on pneumatic actuators sound. Avoid excessive heating of pneumatic actuators. 一个。 Silver brazing method of grit, dirt or any foreign matter accumulated in the pipe can hinder the working efficiency of the pneumatic actuators and seriously damage of key parts of pneumatic actuator. Air or steam to thoroughly clean pipe internally. When threading pipe, gauge pipe threads for size and length to avoid jamming pipe against seat and disc. Note for inches or larger nominal sizes of pneumatic actuators, one-time will connect components are heated to the required temperature is difficult. In order to maintain normal temperature on the large area, normally need two welding torch. Suggestions for the proper preheat tube set area. Suggestions of the connecting parts by acetylene flame heating. Pneumatic actuators inches from the first start heating pipe, and then a short alternating up and down around the pipe to pipe flame baking, and to the appropriate Angle rotating pipe, avoid burning through the pipe. Flame to continuous movement, are not allowed to stay on one point.
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