How to deal with manual regulation valve seal is lax

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Manual valve is one of the valve is widely used in the pipeline system, as a result of screw rust or valve is formed by a foreign body inside the handwheel, should adopt maintenance way, make the handwheel can throw. It is forbidden to use leverage to throw. Or simple damage valve sealing surface inside, or pull off the handwheel or handle. Smooth switch valve, hard to do, to prevent the uneven force formation damage to the valve packing. When the valve is fully open, after one and a half circle at the mercy of the handwheel reversals, should be to prevent the screw damage. Nonmetal valve, some hard brittle, some strength is low, operation, should slow smoothly, to prevent cracks and other damage to the valve. Normally open valve in the pipeline system, when closed, there is perhaps due to the media in the valve, the valve sealing surface with sundry, forms a closed lax when closed. Manual control valve closes lax process: 1, using the handwheel to come near the valve closed position, the media channels become smaller, using the medium high activity, blow away the groceries, and then quietly closed. Repeat frequently, rinse, then can be closed. Do not hard pull a brute force, formation damage to the valve. 2, long long pipeline system of open and close of valves, valve according to the working environment and work conditions, regular check valve handwheel, screw, etc. , to ensure safe and useful. Other, more time rolling wheel, add lubricant, to be on the valve stem and cases, to rust fouling. Wuxi electric regulator, http://www. dazkfy。 com
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