How to deal with the refrigerator filter drier failure problem

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Everyday will encounter some problems when using refrigerator, for example: dry filter failure. Then what should we do? , remind: failure had better use the method of replacement filter drier, but if no new filters, also may carry on the simple activation treatment of filter. Welding from the system will filter drier, immerse into the container with the clean gasoline, with dirt and loose, tap the filter outside sticks out, make the dirt off, after repeated washing out in the gasoline, with dry nitrogen respectively on the filter two ports to blow again and again, and then into the clean gasoline of repeated washing. After take out the steps you need to turn to professionals, because of the need to specific oven and technology. Out its ports on the bulb after carefully look inside to see if there is dirt, wash after the confirmation, baking in the oven, the temperature to 200 ℃, bake for 4 consecutive hours, reoccupy dry nitrogen from two ports to blow again and again, and then put into the baking box bake for 2 hours, and then with the baking box natural cooling. To take out before, should be in foil with a soft dry plugging filters at both ends. The use of this filter can be back to normal.
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