How to drive the industry transformation of forging high pressure ball valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Forging high pressure ball valve door as in recent years a new type of gate valve, with its own unique structural characteristics, competitive market at home, beat some domestic valve door, quickly preempted the market opportunities. However, as in the past two years the development of industry, especially in 2016, the special attention to the transformation of traditional industrialization in our country, so at this time as a traditional valve door forged steel of high pressure ball valve door producers could drive the industry transition? Traditional forging high pressure ball valve door by its superior characteristics, widely used in the area of each big size from a few millimeters to several meters, can be applied from high vacuum to high pressure, so quickly was recognized by the market. Expert analysis, in the big door of the valve market competition, want to quickly complete the transformation in response to international competition, innovation is the first place. Can only be moistly innovation, due to the change of the international market, and forging high pressure ball valve door, no doubt will be quick, sure they in industry of the future can play a leading role. What are forging high pressure ball valve door structure features? 1, the opening and closing without friction. This function completely solve the traditional [ wiki] The valve door [ / wiki] Because the problem of rubbing against each other and affect the sealing surface. 2, the structure of the jacket type. To perfectly on the pipeline valve door can be directly online inspection and maintenance, can effectively reduce the parking device, reduce the cost. 3, single valve seat design. Eliminates the valve door midplane medium because of abnormal pressure and problems affecting the safety of use. 4, low torque design. Special structure design of the valve rod, only with a small easy opening and closing door of the valve. 5, wedge seal structure. Valve door is provided on the valve rod mechanical force, the ball wedge pressure to the valve seat seal, valve door sealing is not affected by changes in the pipeline pressure difference, under various conditions sealed performance has a reliable guarantee. 6, the structure of the sealing surface of self-cleaning. When the ball tilting away from the valve seat, fluid in the pipeline along the sphere seal face into 360 & deg; Even through, not only eliminates the high velocity of valve seat local scour, also washed away by the accumulated on the surface of the sealing material, achieve the goal of the clean.
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