How to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing pneumatic valves and electric valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - Valve: the valve manufacturing export-oriented development characteristics, in recent years the export of products comprehensive growth, flowering plant products, the main valve, hand valve, electric valve not only building valve products increase the export of the traditional categories of products is very high, and used to export proportion of small kitchen electric products and sanitary products of export growth is very obvious. Huge market and center position of gravity will further attract valve multinational company transfer to China's manufacturing center. The Chinese market was eroded by the valve industry. Former ze valve, points out that the promotion of the competitiveness of the whole valve industry in China, the need to strengthen domestic resources, from the source to start from the domestic market first, start from the base, grasp the initiative, to avoid the situation of them for a long time. , adjust and optimize the structure of industry of the valve, and promote industrial upgrading China's valve industry for labor-intensive industry. In China's export products, labor-intensive products will still dominate in quite a long time, at the same time, should also see a variety of reasons, the advantage of labor-intensive exports are slowly weaken. China's valve industry to have a long-term development, adjust and optimize industrial structure, to continue to give full play to the advantages of traditional valve industry, and to develop the knowledge and technology intensive industries and emerging industries, to promote the upgrading of the valve industry. Only in this way, as soon as possible to shorten the Chinese electric valve industry and the gap between the hair area. Professional talents, training and the introduction of valve, the factors of intellectual capital is the lack of professional talents has become the bottleneck for the further development of China's valve industry, it is bound to affect the international competitiveness of China's valve industry. To solve this problem, can the combination of external and internal development to introduce road. On the one hand, can strengthen the short-term training of enterprises existing staff, to the existing state of human resources; On the other hand, through various channels to introduce high-quality talents in the field of industry, the promotion of the intellectual capital of the valve industry in China. , promote independent innovation and the implementation of brand strategy, improve product added value at present, China's valve industry still is given priority to with the expansion of the volume, formed in the same level of excessive competition in international market, to change the way of development, will adhere to the concept of innovation, innovation in product development and technical innovation, can be combined with scientific research units, institutions of higher learning, actively develop new product project, efforts to expand domestic and foreign markets, thus overcome the quantitative growth, increase product class, increase the added value of products, pay attention to the construction of independent brands, to enhance the enterprises in China valve in the position in the global industry division of labor, improve the ability to resist risks with its own & other; Negotiation & throughout; Ability, and enhance the sustainable development of the valve industry competitiveness. , vigorously develop the valve industry clusters, to build China's valve industry valve industry chain mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, in a short period of time is difficult to compete with Europe and the United States a large company, it is more to give full play to the group competitive advantage of industry cluster, the use of cluster of specialized division of labor and cooperation function, strengthen the competitiveness of the whole industry itself, a place in the global market. Valve industry, give full play to the guiding role for the development of major infrastructure projects, create a good environment to increase the enterprise technical innovation and independent innovation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, the support of small and medium-sized enterprises, some effective policies, encourage enterprises to develop the Chinese valve brand, to help enterprises to carry out new product development and technical innovation. Such as establishing & other; Compensation mechanism innovation & throughout; , through the implementation of tax breaks to compensate for the cost of the enterprise for r&d investment; To product innovation enterprises to simplify examination and approval procedures, provide technical advice and other services. For the enterprise to create a good environment for development, and improve the international competitiveness of enterprises.
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