How to go through the angle seat piston valve customization?
Can any model of the filter silencer in the fish tank be used? Filter equipmentEfficient filtration equipment is a key component to ensure a clean, healthy and prosperous aquarium fish tank. the amount of eating and discharging of sirahan fish during growth is very large, therefore, a large amount of metabolic waste will be generated during the metabolic process. We must remove it before it becomes toxic to ensure the safety of life in the fish tank. The filter uses a variety of structural structures to provide us with physical, biological, chemical filtration. It can even replenish the oxygen consumed for the water body.Filtration can be divided into three forms: physical filtration, biological filtration and chemical filtration. These three forms are both independent and unified, and the whole filtering process is completed together.1. physical filteringThis is a necessary form of filtration that separates suspended particles in the water from the water and removes them. Most filter equipment can

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Filter element in addition to the use of those will be used in the filter? Application Field· Pharmaceutical industry: Pre-filtration of various antibiotics and other liquid drugsFood and Beverage Industry: filtration of alcohol, mineral water and drinking waterOil industry: water injection filtration in oil fieldsElectronic Industry: Pre-filtration of high pure waterChemical Industry: filtration of various organic solvents, acids and alkali solutionsMetallurgical Industry: used for filtration of hydraulic system of rolling mill and continuous casting machine and filtration of various lubrication equipment.Textile industry: purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the process of drawing, protection and filtration of air compressor, oil removal and water removal of compressed gas.Technical PerformanceFiltering accuracy: 0.1um0.2um0.45um1um3um5um10um20um30um50umLength of filter element: 5 '10' 20 '30' 40'Filter diameter: 69mm 83mm 131Inner diameter of filter element: 28mm ~ 40mm
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