How to operate the pneumatic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Pneumatic valves in the cylinder block above and below each have a trachea, close the valve, should open the above upper pipeline control valves for compressed air into the cylinder, the piston moves downward, close the valve stem. On the other hand, the close on the upper cylinder pipe inlet valve and open it in the return valve, make the medium return, at the same time open the cylinder bottom pipeline control valves, that the lower part of compressed air into the cylinder block, make the piston upward movement, the valve stem to open the valve. Pneumatic valves are often open and often closed in two forms. Often open is the piston upper airway, the lower is the spring, need to be closed, open air control valve, make the compressed air into the cylinder upside, compression spring, close the valve; When to open, open circuit valve, gas discharge, spring return, make open valve. Often contrary to often open the valve closed valve, spring in the upper piston, trachea, at the bottom of the cylinder after open the valve, compressed air into the cylinder, open the valve. Pneumatic device operation is normal, but from the up and down the stem position, feedback signal reflects on the control panel. If closed lax, can adjust the adjusting nut at the bottom of the cylinder, dispatch adjusting nut next point, can be removed. If pneumatic device failure, need timely open or closed, manual operation should be adopted. Have a pneumatic device, in the upper cylinder have a stem connection, valve pneumatic cannot move, need to use a lever set in a circle, lift rings for open, compression ring is closed. This manual institutions with difficulty, can only solve temporary difficulties. Existing pneumatic with a manual valve, the valve under normal circumstances, institutions on the handle in the pneumatic position manually. After the air down or air flow interruption, first cut off the air channel, and open the cylinder valve loop back to the way, and will handle manual institutions from the pneumatic position pull to manual position, then half nuts and screw meshing transmission, turn the handwheel to open or close the valve.
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