How to prevent electric valve device load phenomenon

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Electric valve device is programmed, control valve and remote control of important equipment, its movement process can by travel, torque, or to control the size of the axial thrust. Due to the working characteristic of electric valve device depends on the type of valve, and utilization device working rules and the position of the valve in the pipeline or equipment, therefore, the correct selection of electric valve device, are very important to prevent electric actuators from load phenomenon. Usually, the basis of correct selection of electric valve device is as follows: operating torque operating torque is to choose the device, the main parameters of electric valve electric actuator output torque should be limited torque of 1 valve operation. 2 - 1. 5B。 Operating thrust host structure of the electric valve device has two kinds: one kind is not configured thrust plate, direct output torque; The other is a configuration thrust plate, the output torque by thrust plate stem nut into output thrust. Output shaft turning laps electric valve device output shaft circle the number of how many and nominal diameter of the valve, the valve stem thread pitch, thread, shall be calculated according to M = H/ZS. Stem diameter for multi-turn rising stem valves, if electric device allows stem diameter can't through the stem of the valve, cannot assemble into electric valve. As a result, the inner diameter of the hollow output shaft electric actuator must be greater than rising stem valves stem diameter. In parts of rotary valve and multi-turn valves non-rising stem valves, although need not consider stem diameter through the problem, but also should consider when selecting the valve stem diameter and the size of the keyway, after assembly to work properly.
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