How to properly choose electric ball valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - : it was reported that in recent years, in the future China will have thousands of kilometers of pipeline to construction, including Russia, kazakhstan and other multinational oil pipeline. In addition, the following & other; West-east gas & throughout; After thousands of kilometers and construction in China, multinational gas transmission pipeline and feeder. The project is about more than just large diameter pipeline ball valve and small caliber valve, flat valve; ~ a thousands of large-scale refineries will construction, construction and reconstruction of a large group of m ~ - ethylene plant, has ~ ten thousand tons/year of batch and pending large also has more than ten sets of PTA plant, which will provide a huge market for the valve industry. Large fertilizer and the construction of the ammonia plant of the same will provide opportunities for the valve manufacturing; Other coal direct liquefaction is likely to form a new industry, due to the direct coal liquefaction process medium high operating temperature, high pressure, high solids content, requires a high degree of the valve, will form a new market. According to the valve industry and technical personnel, in the development of the electric ball valve product, should pay attention to the popularization and application of new process technology, such as the overall development of large diameter long distance pipeline ball valve overall welding technology should be adopted; In order to improve the valve sealing surface corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, and a few manufacturers have begun to use supersonic flame spraying tungsten carbide process, at the same time should pay attention to using nanoscale materials of sealing surface coating modification, and the development of the laser cladding process technology. In addition, the valve industry for many years in the application of tungsten cobalt chromium plasma wire automatic welding technology should continue to promote to replace manual welding, ensure the quality of the valve sealing surface; Automatic control device for project implementation process, should strengthen the development of the intelligent electric and hydraulic actuator valves; To speed up the development of new methods such as magnetic transmission, transmission develop new closed magnetic transmission electric ball valve series, eliminate funnelled between stem and packing, to make it applicable to flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive medium and the request line locking, avoid the wrong operation. We have learned, our country large-scale ethylene plant equipment has reached %, form a complete set of ethylene with high temperature and high pressure valve under sinopec has realized localization, effect is good, product quality and performance is superior to the imported products. Localization of sinopec's office said push valve localization of confidence is very big, believe that the domestic backbone enterprises have the ability to undertake the project research task. After class delegates to discuss consensus that electric ball valve can implement localization, class electric ball valve can also be partial implementation localization.
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