How to properly choose electric valve device

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
The structure of the electric valve can be divided into two parts, the upper part for electric actuator, the lower part of the valve, from the structure, compared with other types of valves are much more simple, the price is quite cheap, also can be seen from the daily operation of electric valve, torque is bigger than ordinary valves, have the effect of the buffer in the process of work, so it is not easy to damage, the relative price is very high. Electric valve device is indispensable equipment in the valve control, due to the working characteristic of electric valve, so on the choice is determined by valve type and line type, must form a complete set of work, after the overload problem has played a very good prevention effect, for how to correctly choose electric valve device east Mr Remind you to pay attention to the points: one, choose the most important parameters of the electric valve device is operating torque, the parameters of operation torque directly determines the electric valve can run normally, so be careful to check the electric valve nameplate data. Second, the output shaft rotation of electric valve device whether laps over the normal run laps, if there is more than words, will only cause unnecessary loss and energy. Stem diameter of the three, electric valve device, if the valve stem is greater than the configuration, the valve stem can appear unable to successfully the problem of assembly, so while equipped with a device of electric valve stem must pay attention to the diameter of the valve stem. Usually the reason for the device of electric valve problems were the nameplate parameters of misunderstanding, choose the wrong valve, resulting in failure of electric valve device, so be very careful when choosing electric valve reference parameters are correct, reduce unnecessary losses.
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