How to rely on science and technology of forging belong to China's valve brand in the world

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
The valve industry in China has four hundred and fifty years of development history, although the great achievements, but domestic exports and imports and output about the valve, technical level and the developed countries is large, the industry still exist many phenomenon of excessive dependence on imports, and all of the reasons, the main reason is the valve technology advanced enough, research and development is the key to the excellent valve products and brands. , of course, the existing problems in the valve industry in China are also far more than these, like: the lack of macroscopic overall planning, lack of capital investment, enterprises for research and development investments accounted for under 1% of the average sales, lack of professional and technical personnel, etc. , all these hinder the overall development of China's valve industry. At present domestic valve enterprise is numerous, but professional, technical superiority of valve manufacturers have is not much, many companies just simply introduce, sales, and some are repeated in the production of some aging types and species. How to solve the above problem, how to set up own brand valve, how to rely on science and technology of forging belong to China's valve brand in the world, and we think we should set out from the following points, speed up the development of China's valve industry. First of all, to strengthen macro guidance and industry coordination, according to China's valve industry development condition, reasonable introduction of advanced technology, accelerate the process of digestion and absorption. To market demand, technical difficulty big valve equipment, centralized power industry advantage, go production, study and research combining the road, organized, targeted for digestion, absorption, scientific research, developed the intellectual property of the valve, to break the foreign technology monopoly, accelerate the upgrading our technology level and self-sufficiency of the valve. Particularly in terms of control valve, such as solenoid valve ( Water solenoid valve, high pressure solenoid valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve, high-temperature solenoid valve, steam solenoid valve, solenoid valve, etc. ) at low temperature ; The regulator ( Electric control valve, pneumatic control valve, self regulating valve) , ball valve, Long-distance electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valve, ball valve, etc. ) , butterfly valve, Electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, large diameter butterfly valve, etc. ) , pneumatic Angle seat valve, and other electric valve, pneumatic valve, should increase investment in research and development funds, efforts to research and produce comparable to those of foreign products, and even beyond. Second, countries in policy and funding support, to arouse the enthusiasm of valves backbone enterprise research and development of new products. Through the research and development process, to support a batch of valves with * * spirit backbone enterprises, develop our own professional design team, set the valve brand with Chinese characteristics. In addition, the adjustment of industrial structure, improve production concentration, promote the specialization, seriation production, improve product quantity and amount of's ability to adapt to the market, to speed up the * * system, forms the enterprise self development ability as soon as possible is also very important. Strengthen management, broke industry and departmental boundaries, establish the global idea, organization structure optimization combination, realize the optimal allocation of industry assets, formed complementary advantages, the new pattern of division of labor cooperation and common development, together to face the fierce competition in the international market, so as to better the development of our own valve brand, can be based on the international market. Shanghai thick pu valve wish the broad masses of old and new customers and the social people from all walks of life happy National Day! Environmental protection feast on supporting policies will be developed
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