how to repair an aprilaire humidifier water solenoid valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-11
During the normal operation of the Aprilaire household humidifier, the device opens a water valve operated by a special electrical device called solenoid.
When the device needs water, it sends a pulse to the solenoid to charge the coil in the device.
The magnet then pulls the valve back through the magnetic to allow the flow of water.
If the solenoid fails, the water does not flow and there is too little water provided at home.
Solenoid is fromcontained.
Replacement is required for repair and maintenance.
Unplug the humidifier if possible.
Close the circuit breaker to the unit.
Turn off the water supply of the unit.
Turn the inlet and outlet compression nut counter-clockwise with an adjustable wrench to disconnect the water pipe from the solenoid valve.
Remove the compression nut from the solenoid valve.
Remove the direct filter in the solenoid valve outlet Inlet and hole outlet.
Pay attention to the positive and negative wiring on the solenoid valve.
Disconnect the wire nut on the wire and remove the solenoid valve wire from the humidifier wire.
Screw the mounting bolt off the solenoid valve with a cross screwdriver and remove the valve.
Place a new solenoid valve in the humidifier.
Connect the mounting bolts and fix the valve in place.
Reconnect the valve to the humidifier and replace the wire nut at the end of the wire.
Insert the online filter into the entrance of the new solenoid valve and the hole opening into the outlet.
Reconnect the inlet and outlet compression nut.
Turn on the water supply system.
Check if there is a leak and readjust the compression nut if necessary.
Wipe any water on the device with a towel.
Turn the circuit breaker back on to the humidifier.
Insert it if necessary.
Adjust the control dial on the humidifier to the \"off\" setting.
Turn the dial slowly clockwise until you hear the solenoid valve click open.
Check whether the water is flowing into the device.
Turn back slowly until you hear the solenoid valve clicking.
Check if the water flow stops.
The device can now be configured for your home.
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