How to repair the electric ball valve?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
How to repair the electric ball valve? 1, as long as the pressure ball valve before and after unloading, can remove the differentiation on ball valve for operation. 2, in the differentiation and the installation process of ball valves, need to have the protection of the sealing parts, especially the nonmetallic parts, parts like o-rings best use special things. 3, ball valve, the valve body to install to tighten bolts must be symmetrical, gradually and evenly. 4, cleaner should be with the rubber ball valve parts, plastic parts, metal parts and work medium ( For example, gas) Are incompatible. The homework for the gas medium, can use gasoline ( GB484 - 89). Clean the metal parts. Non-metallic parts clean with clean water or alcohol. Down 5, differentiation of individual parts can be cleaned by soaking method. Still left undifferentiated down non-metallic metal parts can be clean clean linen immersion cleaner silk ( In order to prevent the fibers adhesion on the parts) Wipe. When cleaning should remove all adhesion on the surface of grease, dirt, plastic product, dust, etc. 6, non-metallic parts shall be immediately removed from the cleaning agent, after cleaning shall not soak for a long time. 7, after wash wall cleaning agent to volatilize and after cleaning, Available not soak cleaner silk cloth to wipe) To install, but shall not be put on hold for a long time, or it will rust and dust pollution. 8, the new parts also need to wash clean before installation. 9, when installation should not be allowed to have metal chips, fiber, fat ( Rules apply) Dust and other impurities, foreign bodies, such as pollution, adhesion, or stay on the parts surface or into the lumen.
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