How to solve the problem of regulating valve leakage?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-06
- - - - - - - - - - - - : valve leakage can be addressed by compression packing or replace the packing, the firm needs to put an end to the operation condition of the leakage, bellows sealed valve cover can be used, such basic can solve the problem of leakage. The valve leakage, the reason is, the first employees, valve leakage, leakage in the valve stem length of discomfort, gas regulator valve stem is too long and close the valve stem is too short, upward or downward from the stem is not enough, cause there is space between valve core and valve seat, not fully contact, lead to shut is lax and leakage. The solution is to shorten, Or longer) Regulating valve stem the stem length appropriate, so that it is no longer leak. After packing into the stuffing box, packing leakage, the gland axial pressure on it. As a result of the packing shape, make its produce radial force, and closely contact with the valve stem, but the contact is not very uniform. Some parts of the contact tightly, some parts loose contact, even some parts not exposed to; Regulating valve in use process, there is relative motion between stem and packing, with high temperature, high pressure and the influence of the porous medium, the regulating valve stuffing box is prone to leaking. Solutions) To make packing easy loading, at the top of the stuffing box chamfer, in the stuffing box placed at the bottom of the erosion resistance of gap smaller metal protection ring, in order to prevent the packing launched by medium pressure. ) Each part of the stuffing box and packing contact part of the metal surface to finish machining, in order to improve the surface finish, reduce packing friction. ) Flexible graphite packing is chosen, because of its good air tightness, friction small, use for a long time after change small, wear loss is small, easy maintenance, etc. Through the above points can guarantee the reliability of the packing seal and long-term. , regulating valve, valve core, valve seat deformation. The main reason is because the regulator the strengthening of the casting defects in the process of production can lead to corrosion, and corrosion medium, fluid scouring can also cause a regulating valve leakage. Mainly in the form of the erosion and cavitation corrosion. When the corrosive medium by the regulator, will be on the valve core seat erosion, lead to deformation of valve core, valve seat or gap. Key the solution good seat valve core material selection, quality, can take charge of butt welding too alloy, strengthens the sealing surface hardness. , because of the impurity in the medium or the new pipe welding slag cut control valve sealing surface, the cause of leakage. Solution a new pipeline purging is clean, add filter before or regulator. Once the leakage, can tear open the regulator, regrinding valve core and valve seat, coupled with good use.
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