how to troubleshoot a solenoid valve

by:AIRWOLF     2019-12-13
According to Omega Engineering, the solenoid valve \"is the control unit when powered on or powered off
Power on, either off or allow fluid flow.
\"Solenoid is usually used for facilities and equipment that require automatic control of the flow of water.
Sometimes the solenoid valve does not work properly.
By troubleshoot the valve, you will be able to evaluate the situation and correct it.
Check the solenoid with a voltmeter to determine if the solenoid has an electrical signal.
If the AC current of the solenoid is not completed, the coil will burn out.
Check the lid of the solenoid.
If the lid is loose or not, it can allow foreign substances such as iron or metal sheets to enter.
If these metal sheets enter the inside of the solenoid, they interfere with the magnetic field inside the solenoid.
This will cause the solenoid to not function properly.
Clean the solenoid and reconnect the lid or lid.
If the putter is no longer the proper length of the drive valve, replace the pin.
Replacement pins and instructions are available through the manufacturer.
Putter wear over time can cause pin failure.
Check the spring of the solenoid.
The spring is located above the solenoid valve diaphragm.
This is the reason for opening and closing the valve diaphragm, allowing or cutting off the water.
Check the current operation of the solenoid.
If the power of the solenoid is insufficient or the power is too large, it will cause the solenoid to not operate properly.
The manufacturer specifies the best voltage;
The voltmeter can measure the voltage of the solenoid valve.
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