How to use the extension of the pneumatic valve cycle

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
How to make the pneumatic valve life longer, stable performance, the following factors need to be aware of: a miscellaneous articles or objects inside, prior to use pneumatic valve and iron filings, wash with water. Second, pneumatic valve in the closed state, also some residue medium in the valve, to cut off the power and air to clean again, release valve body pressure to completely. Three, the valve generally use sealing material leakage and wear proof, need of sealing material in cleaning on a regular basis. Four, flange nut and bolt to be fixed tightly, in case the flange surface between accepting uneven lead to damaged or broken, lead to leak valve flange butt out of the media. 5, if the valve is open for a long time work will lead to the valve and parts rust may make the valve cannot normal use, so need maintenance and testing, in order to protect the performance of stable operation.
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