How to work and storage electric butterfly valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Electric butterfly valve gate is composed of electric actuators and butterfly valve gate valve door, so it has the butterfly valve door is easy to operate, the advantages of simple structure, is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. And because of electric actuators for, make the development of the butterfly valve gate again on a new step. Electric butterfly valve door principle: by electric actuator drive the valve rod, make the butterfly plate produces 90 & deg; Rotary motion and reach the door opening and closing of the valve. The principle of electric actuator is very simple, just like daily use razors, energy source is electricity, electricity to drive the valve plate, so as to achieve the valve opening and closing door and circulation or by the fluid. Electric butterfly valve gate type electric actuators can be divided into the switch and the external regulation, switch type electric butterfly valve gate is to play the role of switch; And external regulation electric butterfly valve door is have the effect of flow adjustment, can accurate flow control to micrometer, also is a kind of valve gate prices higher. Gate valve as a device installed in the pipeline, if going to the field to check the status of the switch does not seem very realistic, so there is the existence of feedback signals. External regulation itself with the feedback signal, and the switch type according to the customer's specific needs to choose whether to install feedback signal. Here, then introduce you to the storage method of electric butterfly valve door. 1 this product should be stored in dry and ventilated room, not in open air; Sealing ring should not contact with oily substance, so as to avoid aging. Storage and transport: 2 A, with A cap on both ends of the size, dust, rust, keep the passage clean. B, the electric butterfly valve gate at both ends of the processing surface should be to remove dirt, and coated with anti-rust agent. 3 storage period of more than 18 months, electric butterfly valve door should be test again before install and use, in order to ensure the integrity of the structure and function. 4 electric butterfly valve door is placed, should guarantee the electric actuator is not affected by extrusion and terminals, and to prevent contact corrosion. Should be handled with great care when handling, so as not to damage the electrical components and mechanical parts.
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