Hydraulic control valve is the correct selection and matters needing attention

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-11
Hydraulic control valve is pressure control valve gate, it consists of a main valve and attached type of catheter, guide valve, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge door, etc. Using hydraulic control valve, the first thing to pay attention to the selection. Improper selection, will cause the resistance and water leakage phenomenon. When selecting hydraulic control valves, must according to the equipment of the steam consumption per hour times choose ratio 2 - Three times as the biggest condensation water, hydraulic control valve to select displacement. To ensure that the hydraulic control valve to discharge the condensate as soon as possible, while driving rapidly raise the temperature of heating equipment. Hydraulic control valve to discharge energy is insufficient, will cause the condensate can not discharge in time, reduce the thermal efficiency of heating equipment. Selecting hydraulic control valves, can't choose to nominal pressure hydraulic control valve, because the nominal pressure hydraulic control valve body shell only said stress level, nominal pressure hydraulic control valve and the pressure difference is very big. So according to the working pressure difference to select displacement of hydraulic control valves. Working pressure difference refers to the working pressure minus in front of the hydraulic control valve hydraulic control valve to export back pressure difference. Hydraulic control valve requirements accurately and correctly choose vapor barrier drainage, high sensitivity, can improve the utilization rate of steam, steam leakage, reliable working performance, high back pressure ratio, long service life, convenient maintenance is preferred.
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