In view of the stainless steel valve solenoid valve leakage

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
For the processing of stainless steel valve solenoid valve leakage stainless steel valve solenoid valve product belongs to the industrial automation control components, is through the control and change transport properties and working state of the medium ( Such as temperature, pressure and flow rate, etc. ) Work, achieve the desired effect, therefore is also called the regulator. For its common fault is leaked, usually use the following techniques reduce the incidence of electromagnetic valve leak failure: 1. Increase sealing grease sealing grease method mainly for electromagnetic valve stem seal, can improve the sealing performance of valve stem, general valve products may not use this technique, thus adding sealing grease method can be used to prevent the valve leakage. 2. Increase the packing method increases the packing method is mainly for packing, in order to improve the packing sealing performance of the valve stem, can adopt the method of adding filler is usually adopts double, multi-layer hybrid filler. 3. Replacement of graphite packing with ptfe packing work temperature in the 20 - 200 ℃, and when the valve working temperature change is bigger, is to cause a decline in ptfe packing seal performance more obvious, and also shorten the service life. Therefore can be used more excellent performance of graphite packing. 4. Lens gasket sealing method is used for the lid of the upper and lower sealing, sealing seat and the upper and lower body. If the plane sealing, under high temperature and high pressure, the sealing is poor, cause leakage, can use lens gasket seal, can get satisfactory results. 5. Replace the sealing gasket now there is still a part of the valve products of sealing gasket used is asbestos board, the material whether sealing performance and service life are better than some other materials is poor, you can use the winding gasket and & other O” The o-ring. All stainless steel valve solenoid valve leakage failure of the products is one of the common faults of valve products, for such failure is the usual practice: check whether the parts damage, check whether there is foreign body jam, check whether the work environment is beyond the scope of use of the valve itself, finally check whether the installation error, model selection error or product service life due to wait for a reason.
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