Individual valve doesn't close on the heat leakage is hard to stop

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Focus on heating heating test each year, there will be resident house is leaking. Arguably, after heating household, as long as their own closed door valve can stop leakage, but for two days with residents reflect individual valve is bad, causing many flooded disastrous. Heating office said the responsibility should be specific analysis. On October 31, at about 20, was seated south composition & other; The big steel floor & throughout; Ms ling reflect, floor heating water flooded with 5 floor of her home, the roof of the old wood decoration, wall and floor etc. Are all bubble. “ Not I not elder sister, I go off but is not working. ” Found leaking after home, said ms ling found upstairs, she quickly found the couple upstairs is scooped out of water. She asked why isn't the individual valve, the other party said the valve is not working at all. “ Called property, because it was night property no one, and then to find the boiler room. ” , said ms ling, so a delay, more than 20 minutes before someone downstairs to heating valve to the closed, 6th floor is leaking at this time that and her family are going to become a waterfall cave. “ More importantly the insurance company would not compensate two money. ” Yesterday afternoon, said ms ling, the insurance company staff to view in the home, tell her the whole floor flooded loss only 200 yuan. Similarly, on November 1, xigang district no. 100 floor, wang said, because of the heat test water flooded her upstairs. At that time, her people, leaking upstairs neighbor's others, leakage was found after timely, but because of the individual valve doesn't close, to cause leakage is delayed stop losses. “ Now, his house and boiler room of mutual recriminations, our loss is nobody's business. ” Ms. Wang said. That heating: heating for heating new technology for anti-theft warm city administration officials say, while heating household residents outside the home, there will be a locking valves, there will be a ball valve. In accordance with the relevant provisions, and from the heat source to the lock valve or between the heat meter, it is the responsibility of the heating unit parts, from locking valve or the part between heat meter to the user, is the responsibility of owner. The vast majority owner is locking valve switch, also have the right to free to switch, while if it is a bad ball valve with specific issues specific analysis. , according to the staff lock valve owners have no right to close on its own in accordance with the relevant provisions, its designed to be unable to close, in order to prevent residents is dealt with again after stopping for secretly to open & other; Stolen warm & throughout; Behavior. “ A simple example, the heating season, huaneng power plant stop here to handle for the opening of the, then to have more than 1000 households. ” The staff said, can't say this 1000 households have & other; Stolen warm & throughout; Behavior, but huaneng to adopt new technology, did effectively prevent such things from happening. Otherwise some locking valve such as & other; A word & throughout; Shape, users can actually use wrench open and close, such as a system according to stop, and residents home the contradiction between the valve and open the situation, bring losses. “ Ball valve where Ann, whose fault is it who is in charge of. ” , whether the staff said between residents and heating enterprises, or between residents and residents, due to the heat leakage disputes, if no settlement is reached, the dispute can take legal proceedings. Peninsula morning, haili makes network reporter yellow-bright infusion link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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