Injection molding machine electromagnetic valve installation instructions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Injection solenoid valve solenoid valve installation instructions time class components installation type pipe, plate, the superposition type and embedded as a variety of types, different type, installation method and requirements are also don't ask. Superposition type integration is square, make body is a standard size fuel will be used when using components present plate pile, and then use rod close by, its characteristic is, fundamentally eliminate the connecting line between the valve and the valve, so the system of worshiping more single, concentrated, compact, flexible assembly system, is advantageous for the oil to improve. ( Tube type, plate type valve is now use less. ) Hydraulic components installation method and requirements are detailed in the product manual. Components in the factory has been pass quality inspection and performance test, with a plastic plug the oil outlet to block. Spare parts are attached to a certain number of seal in the inner packing plastic bags. Before use, should check whether the certificate of quality, instructions and spare parts are complete, and check for packing, damage, or a foreign body, oil mouth open. Before installation it is best to kerosene. When installation should also pay attention to the oil mouth don't wrong, General components of each oil mouth have text or code mark) ; Motor control valves for installation, it is important to note that the CAM or temple block and the distance between valve and schedule and to avoid crash test run; With flange installation components, connecting screw to screw is appropriate, twist too tight even sealed; Some network class has opened a hole for easy manufacture and installation, after installation shall be rendered unnecessary removing rotor pump; After installation, all kinds of components spare seal trap should keep, in case of using changed during maintenance. When installing hydraulic valve must also pay attention to the following points, before the installation, hydraulic valve parts of tearing the inspection certificate of quality and carefully review the instructions, if necessary to check yan pressure and sealing. , figure out the oil inlet valve and oil bearing. There is no special regulation, valve installation position, should be installed in the position of ease of use, maintenance. Direction control yan installation level shall be maintained. , with flange installation of valves, screw cannot twist too tight, so as not to cause bad sealing. , some valves open hole for easy manufacture and installation, after installation, useless holes shall be closed. , some valve parts purchase less than when installation, allowing the use by flow over the rated flow as % of hydraulic valve a substitute.
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