Install and use of pneumatic knife gate valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
The installation of the pneumatic knife gate valve door use 1. Before installation must check valve cavity and seal face and other parts, there is no dirt or sand clinging to the body; 2. Each bolt connection parts, require uniform tight; 3. Check the packing pressure parts requirements, both to ensure that the packing sealing, also to ensure the gate open flexible; 4. Users must install valve in the front of the door and check valve door model, connected to the flow direction of medium size and note, ensure consistency with the valve door requirements; 5. User when installing the valve door, must set aside the valve door drive the necessary space; 6. Drive connection must be according to the circuit diagram; 7. Type pneumatic knife gate valve door must be regularly maintenance, shall not be arbitrarily collision and extrusion, in order to avoid affect the sealing.
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