Installation and maintenance of the pneumatic ball valve?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Pneumatic ball valve pneumatic actuators according to its structure and ball valve can be divided into gear and fork type, talked about here is the fork type pneumatic actuator ball valve. Installation and maintenance of the pneumatic ball valve? To introduce below: a, install and use before installing the pneumatic valve must carry out must carry out several activities is to check valves, including the installation environment is in line with the switch is in line with the requirements of installation, the valve, only conform to the requirements of the environment, in every link of the valve to install and use. The installation of the pneumatic ball valve as far as possible is the valve and piping flange concentric, plus a fixed support. To ensure that no ball valves from other external force, avoid valves due to any other external force and deformation. In addition, pneumatic ball valve and ensure that provided by the air is clean, avoid to carry water. So before access to the air, to clean air supply pipe, air interface and switch device, prevent sediment pollutants caused by pipeline is not clean cause damage to the parts. Pneumatic ball valve after the installation, should be timely on line test, pneumatic ball valve for pneumatic actuator pressure rating, after the test valve switch are flexible. Two maintenance valves, pneumatic ball valve in use after period of time to maintain the valve needs regular homework, avoid large fault effect use, so the valve maintenance including which link? 1, body wash. After removal of the pneumatic ball valve body internal and surface must be clean, also should timely when the valve is not opened the clean surface of the body, avoid metal residue or sediment into cause damage to the valve components. 2, remove valve. To the valve internal parts maintenance operations, first of all should be unloaded drive actuator and body completely. Remove must protect good after precision machining, such as valve core, valve seat, valve stem, push rod, shaft sleeve, etc, to avoid damaged parts disassembly link, will increase maintenance costs. 3, the main parts of maintenance. If there are small in the main parts of wear can also use a general approach for repair. If the damage is serious, must be timely replacement parts, avoid to produce greater failure problems. 4, to install and debug. After the pneumatic ball valve assembly can daub appropriate lubricating oil between the main working parts, in addition to convenient operation between parts can also be convenient maintenance next time. It is important to note that every time after the installation of a series of tests, to ensure that the valve by the provisions of the state of testing can be put into use.
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