Installation of high temperature electric, pneumatic electromagnetic valve door will know before

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
Belongs to the forerunner sex of moving high-temperature solenoid valve solenoid valve, mainly on the medium in pipeline for remote control and the effect of two position automatic adjustment. Application range is very wide, high temperature and electromagnetic valve in the heating equipment, industrial furnaces, chemical equipment, hvac, and shipbuilding industry, and so on all play an indispensable role. , so to speak, high-temperature solenoid valve is closely related to our life, its advanced function improves the efficiency of pipeline medium, and its protective performance is superior to reassure consumers and producers. Although high-temperature solenoid valve has excellent protective performance, but at the time of installation still has a lot of problems we need to pay attention to and solve, so as to avoid man-made hazards can cause a malfunction in the future. So, installing a high-temperature solenoid valve need to pay attention to what? First, before the installation of high temperature and electromagnetic valve, be sure to read the instructions carefully, carefully check the model and specification of electromagnetic valve, step by step, follow the steps in the manual installation. Second, before the high-temperature solenoid valve and pipeline connection, it is important to note that pipe, wash with water, foreign bodies in the piping to clean, prevent mechanical failure caused by blockage. Third, the low areas prone to steam condensate, the phenomenon such as debris piled up, easy to increase the likelihood of machine fault, so don't high-temperature solenoid valve in low areas pipeline installation. Fourth, absolutely can't install the valve in a dangerous and explosive occasions! In addition, the application of the high-temperature solenoid valve medium is oil, steam, corrosion fluid, etc. , should be paid attention to the user after installation medium used, should be adopted to prevent the machine damage caused by improper.
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