Instances of solenoid valve benefit: send small electromagnetic valve on the big use

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Electromagnetic valve benefits instance on the big small electromagnetic valve using China metallurgical news weekly solenoid valve industry benefits worth authors synergistic key is to pay special attention to the influence of every detail of the production cost of improvement. Recently, shagang furnace three workshop practice, to reduce the consumption of steel argon is an instance of generating efficiency improvements through the details. Electric furnace with brothers three workshop for standard, found that the argon gas consumption of per ton steel workshop is much higher than other workshop. To this, the workshop worker Cai Shijun, even volunteered, proposed through the topic research, reduce consumption of argon gas. To find out the reason of argon gas is on the high side, they from the erosion condition of pipeline, instrument measurement accuracy, valve is in good condition to examine the rectification, but the effect is not obvious. After a period of field tracing, Cai Shijun found that the ladle argon gas pipe is connected and closed by manual insertion rapid joint control, a plug in argon blowing, unplug stops blowing argon. Due to the production of electric furnace in a dangerous area, in order to ensure the personal safety, site operation is at the bag and then plug in the ladle argon pipe joint, and starting from the ladle of molten steel in ladle saddle bag, to the sand filling, until the refining rotary table, argon has been in a state of purging, the entire process takes minute to minute. Even Ming know that out of the bag to steel board before the open within minutes ~ is not opened argon gas. Has been opened argon gas is wasted. To this, he in tube of argon ladle vehicle adds a solenoid valve to control the on-off of the pipe, effectively control the argon gas purge. After modification, the workshop of the argon gas consumption of per ton steel decreases obviously, argon gas consumption by average before modification, m3 / ton to reduce to, m3 / ton. According to the workshop produce thousands of tons of steel, argon gas cost price for, yuan/cubic meter, but authors totaled ten thousand yuan, benefit is significant. Electromagnetic valve throughout the hour ordering hotline more see all kinds of electromagnetic valve products
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