International petroleum equipment procurement focus on China

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
The 12th China international petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition ( cippe) On March 19 ~ 21, 2012 in Beijing China international exhibition center ( New) Be held. The exhibition attracted from 60 countries and regions in the world of 1500 exhibitors, including 45 world 500 strong enterprises, exhibition area of 80000 square meters, the exhibition for global scale * big oil. At the beginning of 2012, international oil prices in the international situation, regional political and economic development needs continue to rise, due to the impact of various drive the upstream oil exploration and development capital inputs such as rapid heating up. At home, & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning for excellent manufacturing put forward a clear development direction, and promote the implementation of a series of policies to speed up the excellent process of manufacturing industry. Under double positive, in the steady development of petroleum equipment manufacturing industry ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data released by the statistical analysis, as of December 2011, China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry 1487 enterprises above designated size ( Enterprises above designated size in 2011 has been developed from the main business income is 5 million yuan of above 2010 years ago adjusted for the main business income is 20 million yuan of above) 。 Of oil drilling equipment 683, petrochemical equipment, 384, 420 metal pressure vessel manufacturing divisions. The huge market demand create a batch of excellent domestic petroleum equipment enterprises, a large number of domestic oil with high ratio of equipment need to be put into the international market. Cippe oil show as a direct dialogue between supplier and purchaser of platform, in 2012 reached an unprecedented scale. Cippe oil show in 2012, the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, Norway, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Denmark this 12 big national pavilion compelling, international outstanding Russian oil, Ukraine's state oil company, GE, national oil Wells, Cameron, baker hughes, schlumberger, Siemens, ABB, caterpillar, cummins, MTU, tyco, etc all appearance. Petroleum equipment pavilion (in the well-known enterprises in China are: Or open, drilling courtyard, gem, the bohai sea drilling equipment, the Great Wall, the bohai sea drilling, liaohe operator) , sinopec jianghan pavilion, cnooc, China shipping, China heavy industry, LanShi national oil Wells, nanyang clips and geological logging company, sinopec aprint, god to open in Shanghai, north China rongsheng, jerry, corina, etc. According to the organizing committee, the us-funded enterprises in oil show exhibitors to 45. On the other hand, an unprecedented strong purchasing groups and professional audience brought the cippe oil show the global business opportunities. Saudi Arabia's state oil company, shell, total, Russian gas, and oil, a Norwegian oil, oil in Brazil, and many other international buyers groups to visit procurement. CNPC organized nearly overseas project base project manager, executive headquarters departments, groups such as science and technology research and development engineers to be present. It is reported that this exhibition will have more than hundred institutions by the government, the oil business association, the national oil company, professional purchasing visitors, such as the total number of visitors to more than 3500 people. Is expected to show viewers to visit three days will be more than the total number of 50000. Exhibition & other same The international oil industry peak BBS & throughout; Grand opening. The BBS to & other; To create, and enjoy & throughout; As the theme, over oil and gas field development process safety and environmental protection, unconventional oil and gas exploration and development of the technology and application of petroleum equipment in the international market and the industry such as the procurement introduce hot in-depth discussion; Development of green, energy to succeed, market opportunities in areas such as topic in-depth interpretation; For the future of China's economy, the change of business environment and grasp, Shared vision and the pulse of the world's oil market opportunities in the future. International petroleum equipment procurement focus on China's foreign enterprises in China valve market occupied ten percent of pump valve in our country in 2011, such as machinery manufacturing industry's main income rose 28. 41%
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