Introduce about pneumatic valve within the tight connection

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Introduce about pneumatic valve within the tight connection. Here are using medium pressure pneumatic valve since the tight connection. Its sealing ring with cone, with medium opposite side into the corresponding point of view, within the medium pressure to the cone, and passed to the sealing ring, on the corresponding Angle of the cone, produce two component, a median line parallel to the valve body, outward another pressure to the interior surface of the body. This component is the force behind. The medium pressure, the greater the force. So this kind of connection form, suitable for pneumatic valves. Than the flange connection, to save a lot of material and manpower, but also needs corresponding pre-tightening force, so that the pressure is not high, in the valve use stability. Use since the tight sealing principle of the valve, pneumatic valve is generally. Valve connection form but also a lot of, for example, does not need to be removed some of the small valve, with the pipe welding; Some non-metallic valves, USES the socket connection and so on. Valve users according to Hugh situation specific treatment.
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