Introduction to pump valve business transformation and development backward production capacity

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 8, 18 announced to the public industry backward production enterprise list, the backward production capacity of the enterprise must be closed before the end of September this year. The 18 industries involved in close down backward production facilities, 2010 companies, 2087. Companies involved more industry are: cement, 762, 279 paper, printing and dyeing, 201, 192, coke ironmaking 175, iron alloy 143, tanning, 84. From the provinces, and carrying out the task is heavy, the provinces have a large number of enterprises involved: henan, 230, 226 in shanxi, 180, zhejiang province, hebei province, 165, 165 in yunnan, guizhou, 128. According to close down backward production facilities list analysis, are highly polluting, energy-intensive industries, such as coking industry, steel industry, printing and dyeing, for the energy-intensive, highly polluting typical industries. Including cement, paper making, printing and dyeing closed formed three major industry *. In the case of environmental pressure is increased, the industry is more urgent to facing transformation and adjustment, to speed up the pace of technology of * *, the transformation from extensive to intensive industry development gradually. Only by constantly promote technology * *, reduce the consumption of not only save resources and reduce the pollution at the same time, it can make the development of economy and environment in harmony. Affect: pump valve industry raw material prices profit space reduce while in the list of backward production capacity, industry, there is no positive pump valve industry involved, but as a pump valve industry raw materials of iron and steel industry affected by the larger. List of backward production enterprise, the proportion of iron and steel enterprises is more, to a certain extent, eliminate backward production capacity will restrict production capacity, and yield. Iron and steel industry production at the same time will lead to short-term steel prices rise, the resulting increase in the cost of the pump valve industry, short-term price fluctuations can result in valve industry. In order to guarantee profits unchanged, pump valve industry can only adjust the market price, otherwise, small and medium-sized enterprise itself capital turnover difficulties, will face the risk of bankruptcy. So affected by the policy, in order to steel as the main raw materials of the pump valve industry, certainly will will be affected by a certain degree of. Effect 2: mill type pump valve enterprise will face the risk of backward production capacity out because of the country in recent years, good investment environment, and the influence of the environment such as the increase in infrastructure investment, bring the pump valve industry the development of sustained high growth opportunities. As of early 2010, domestic scale above in 803, engaged in pump manufacturing, valve manufacturing, 889, small and medium-sized enterprises have more than 2 m, resulting in a price war, shoddy vicious competition, such as waste of resources, high risk operation such as bad consequences. According to incomplete statistics, China every pump output value of the products in more than 40 billion yuan, a year 20% of the domestic electricity - 25% consumes on pump products, domestic pump products manufacturers in more than 6000. The pump valve industry development present situation, its developing trend are also facing the risk of backward production capacity out. Valve enterprise, for example, at present there are more than two thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises valve, it seems that the valve industry is an urgent need to transition to adjust. List of backward production capacity, how to give priority to small and medium-sized private enterprises, large state-owned enterprises accounted for only a few of the project. While China's valve industry through market in recent years, driven by its manufacturers increase rapidly, production levels have increased greatly, pump valve production has dramatically increased. But small and medium-sized and private pump valve enterprises also increased rapidly, and accounts for a large proportion, instead of large pump valve enterprise is less, and the pump valve industry brand is poorer, relative to the pump valve products abroad, China's valve products less competitive. Under the policy of backward production capacity, in the face of numerous enterprises, small and medium-sized pump valve pump valve industry is an urgent need to transition to adjust. Small scale of small and medium-sized private enterprises, industrial assembly density low, relatively backward technology and management mode, can borrow the backward production capacity of restructuring transformation of the adjustment. In policy background, the backward production capacity, pump valve industry on the one hand, proper selection of small private enterprises, integration of small and medium-sized enterprise restructuring, expand the scale of large enterprises, improve the ability of self-directed * *, build brand effect of the Chinese pump valve industry, enhance the competitiveness of the international market; On the other hand need to optimize industrial structure of the pump valve industry, effectively integrate resources, enhance the overall level of the pump valve industry and levels, boost the transformation and upgrading of pump valve industry. Introduction to pump valve enterprise transformation and development close down backward production facilities in Shanghai pu valve marketing (thick Solenoid valve/high temperature/high pressure solenoid valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve solenoid/water/steam by electromagnetic valve solenoid valve, stainless steel solenoid valve valve market turnover as high as 50 billion yuan a year in China, sinopec filling valve localization discussion meeting held in Beijing
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