Introduction to stainless steel gate valve type and main applicability

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Introduction to stainless steel gate valve type and applicability of stainless steel gate valve opening and closing the main thing is ram, the ram is perpendicular direction and direction of flow. Other stainless steel gate valves can only play the role of full open and close, not as a function of regulating and throttling. Stainless steel gate valve, the gate, as with the stem straight line called lifting lever stainless steel gate valves. Generally with trapezoidal thread on their lifting lever, across the top of the valve nut and guide groove on the valve body, the rotary motion to linear motion, and operating torque is thrust into operation. Stainless steel gate valve sealing surface can only rely on medium pressure to seal, that depend on medium pressure, the disc will be to the other side of the valve seat sealing surface pressure to ensure that the seal face seal, this is the seal. Most of the stainless steel gate is forced sealing, the valve is closed, to rely on outside force forced the ram pressure to the valve seat, to ensure the sealing surface sealing. Stainless steel gate valve has a variety of categories, according to the sealing surface configuration can be divided into wedge gate type stainless steel stainless steel gate valve, gate valve and parallel disc type can be divided into the single wedge type gate type stainless steel gate valve gate type, double disc and flexible disc; Parallel slide gate valve can be divided into single ram and double ram. According to the threads of the valve stem position, can be divided into rising stem gate valves and non-rising stem stainless steel stainless steel gate valve two kinds. Either stainless steel gate, comply with the requirements of domestic and international advanced standard, reliable sealing, excellent performance, beautiful appearance. Select material conform to the relevant standards at home and abroad, materials of high quality in an all-round way. Seal pair of advanced and reasonable, the disc and seat sealing surface with different hardness of too stand cobalt-based hard alloy surfacing and become, reliable sealing, high hardness, high temperature resistant, long service life. Stem through surface nitriding treatment and conditioning, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. Adopting the wedge gate structure, large diameter setting thrust bearing, friction small, with the impact of manual, easy opening and closing. Stainless steel gate valve particularly suitable for high viscosity, low Reynolds number, aerosols, medium measurement to bubbles, according to the accuracy is not affected by the influence of the fluid medium electric constant characteristics and limitations. Special structural design, has guide effect, prevent the jam is detailed information on occasion any match an alternative role. According to the flow coefficient and nonlinear error coefficient, the parameters, such as changes in temperature and density and correction function. Measurement accuracy reaches 0. About 5%, can according to the standard of the scene for signal test current, output and coefficient of automatic control, computer networking parameters can be automatically adjust the Settings.
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