Introduction to valve three trend in the development of technology in 2010

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
First, people-oriented, establish humanized product design idea we usually in product design main consideration is the material, structure, mechanical strength, work performance, service life, such as elements, when evaluating the merits of the valve, generally is also using these indicators. Along with the development of The Times and social progress, people-oriented ideas have penetrated into all fields of social life, from housing, cars, computers, mobile phones, clothing and various kinds of public facilities can clearly feel this change, them from the safe, comfortable, energy-saving, environmental protection, novel, beautiful, and many other aspects in detail on every detail to consider the feelings of consumers, to the person's care. Obviously, humanized design should not be confined to the category of consumer goods, valves, as a kind of enormous quantity wide, is widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense and to work with People's Daily life is closely related to the mechanical products, also can't always constrained by traditional design concept and design method, and should explore new ideas and inject new ideas. We analyze the foreign advanced products, in addition to the technical performance indicators, pay attention to its beautiful shape, structure compact, inner cavity clean, elegant details. For example in order to prevent secondary pollution, even the drain valve is not contain asbestos packing and gasket. And as to avoid the operator's hand was scratched, flange connection bolt end are processed into a curved, etc. , these differences in details, should cause us deeper thinking: why should it do so? It think of doing this? Conclusion have to boil down to the humanized design concept, went up from the level of understanding, will make our product design is no longer stay in simple * * stage, but from the perspective of man-machine engineering, from a more safe, reliable, energy saving, environmental protection, clean production, operation comfort and convenience, easy disassembling maintenance to delve into many aspects, such as thinking, give the valve this traditional products with new concept and image, form their own characteristics. Second, focus on progress in materials science, the applications of new materials, new technology and new process in a timely manner to the valve products with the progress of technology, industrial production in high temperature and high pressure, low temperature, high vacuum, corrosive, radioactive, toxic, flammable and explosive increasingly complex working conditions, such as parameters to the function of the valve use security, reliability and service life, etc, put forward higher and more stringent requirements, so the development of all kinds of valves, adapted to the working condition of high parameter have naturally become the valve manufacturing, engineering design department and user issues of common concern, and the main technical barriers, to solve the problem is often on the material. Materials science is considered to be one of the disciplines of * promising new century, in recent years, many new high performance materials, such as various kinds of nanometer materials, superconducting materials, functional materials, organic synthesis and polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and various kinds of composite materials, etc. , also appeared many casting, welding, spray welding, painting, such as molding, sintering, composite and surface treatment of new technology and new technology and equipment. Pay close attention to materials engineering research and development of information technology, trends and achievements, and apply them in a timely manner to the valve products, is to develop high performance parameter of valve is an important technical way. In particular, represented by industrial ceramics inorganic non-metallic materials, used for corrosion resistance of heat-resistant flush valve parts, often obtain good effect. Three, will be the integration of information technology, artificial intelligence technology into the valve, is a new way of technical * * of the current era of rapid development of information technology, intelligent information is continually changing the face of industrial and agricultural production and people's social life. Valve as terminal actuators to control the fluid motion in the pipe, if able to modern computing technology, sensor technology, network and remote control technology and intelligent technology into the valve products, the valve will be endowed with new concept, is completely different from the original products are produced by new structure and working mechanism of the valve product upgrade. This aspect in recent years in regulating valve, safety valve, relief valve, steam trap, etc in the products is just beginning. For example, the spring safety valve is the * widely used a relief valve, but as the production equipment of large-scale and high parameter, this type of relief valve on the structure size and reliability are difficult to meet the requirements of production, if the relief valve pressure sensor is installed inside control valve rapid opening and closing, the valve will be a kind of brand-new mode. And as the present trap type many, its working principle is using the steam and condensate temperature, density and velocity difference, through a complex mechanism to realize the opening and closing of the valve, complete the function of the gas drainage resistance. A new type of trap is will be able to identify gas and liquid components and valve into an organic whole, used to control the valve opening and closing, according to this line of thinking design of the new trap, has been reported abroad. Introduction to 2010 valve technology development trend of three domestic valve industry in urgent need of high precision technical support nuclear power gradually popular nuclear power equipment into the golden age
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