Inverted bucket type drain valve product structure characteristics

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Inverted bucket type drain valve product structural characteristics of 1. Lumen all moving parts are stainless steel, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. 2. Because of the steam can't reach the water seal of the valve seat hole, so no loss of steam, high efficiency and energy saving. 3. Floating barrels of inversion, not destroyed flattening, not afraid of water hammer, long service life. 4. Inverted bucket at the top of the vent. Continuous air discharge performance is good, no cold formed lag and plugging. 5. Inverted bucket type steam trap is not affected by the influence of back pressure valve, under high back pressure can work well. 6. Inverted bucket type steam trap valve operation is reliable, only two moving parts ( Lever & ndash; And inverted bucket) , so will not produce resistance. 7. Valve seat and valve disc on top of the valve, the valve flap in the switch can make contamination through, good self cleaning, no dirt.
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