AIRWOLF CO, LTD is committed to producing quality pneumatic components and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers. The air preparation units produced by AIRWOLF is widely used. If you have any needs, please contact AIRWOLF. AIRWOLF's hydraulic ball valve series contains multiple sub-products.

The function and working principle of the pre-filter of bailicang water purifier? Filter and remove impurities such as large granular sand, rust and suspended solids, and protect downstream pipeline accessories;

What is a pure water machine, water purifier, water softener, front filter, water purifier The pure water machine filters out most of the material in the water,Water treatment equipment that filters tap water into drinkable purified water.Its core technology is reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane ).A word: the water from the pure water machine is equivalent to bottled pure water on the market.Some or all of the harmful substances in tap water are filtered out,Water treatment equipment for purifying tap water into drinkable water purification.Its core technologies are micro-filtration (PP fiber cotton and activated carbon), ultra-filtration (hollow fiber), KDF, ceramic filter element, etc.Using ion exchange technology,Reduce calcium and magnesium ion content in water,Water treatment equipment that softens medium and hard water into soft water.The core technology is ion exchange technology.The water softener mainly solves the domestic water use,Remove the alkali,Can not drink directly,Mainly used for
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