Is there any third party doing hydraulic pressure control valve quality test?
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Filter quality inspection The selected air filter element must match the power, economy and reliability of the original engine.The air chlorine flow in the technical parameters of the filter element should be greater than the rated intake volume of the matching engine.There are requirements for filter material such as thickness, tension resistance, original intake resistance, filtration accuracy, etc.The air filtration accuracy required for imported diesel is 5 μm,Domestic diesel engines should also be less than 20 μm.The filtration accuracy of efficient filter paper is 2 μm,The average imported filter paper is 30 μm,The domestic filter paper is only 80 μm.1 traffic-Resistance (pressure drop) test to determine the loss of air flow pressure (flow rate-Resistance or flow-Pressure chamber curve ).2 The original filtration efficiency test can calculate the dust collection efficiency of the filter element,The dust reduction rate of the normal filter ele

Precision conversion of self-cleaning filter Micron 10253040508010012015020040080015003000 mesh 1500650550400300200150120100804020105mm 0.010.0250.
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