Jacket type butterfly valve characteristics and how to install

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Jacket type metal hard seal butterfly valve is in multi-level, on the basis of triple eccentric metal hard seal butterfly valves, according to user requirements to develop new products of butterfly valve. In addition to the three eccentric multi-level all excellent properties of metal hard seal butterfly valve, also can two-way pressure, the jacket type butterfly valve is one of the biggest advantages can be achieved in the field maintenance. With the selection of the valve body material, the use of temperature from - 29 ℃ ~ 550 ℃, due to its good flow characteristic, can close the truncation medium, can also be adjusted medium flow. Application scope jacket type - hard seal butterfly valve is suitable for the medium temperature 29℃本; 600 ℃, nominal pressure of 0. 6 to 2. 5 mpa medium is water, steam, oil, hot air, corrosive pipe, such as cutting fluid and adjust medium flow in order to achieve the purpose of, is all sorts of the best opening and closing mechanism on the pipeline. New jacket type structure to solve the traditional eccentric butterfly valve can not at the scene maintenance problems. In accordance with the original multi-level triple eccentric butterfly valve in the past, when sealing ring damaged, need to manufacturer maintenance or scrapped a butterfly valve. Jacket type butterfly valve need to be removed from the pipeline, it only takes a few time to open the valve cover can along with the stem and disc from the valve body cavity to repair or replace the sealing ring, then cover the bonnet seal tongue, the valve can be realized during the maintenance can not affect the normal operation of the pipeline system, reduce maintenance valve built into the benefit loss to the minimum; Triple eccentric metal hard seal butterfly valve with multilevel all excellent properties; Reliable sealing function, no leak of gas seal; Butterfly plate streamline design, with high strength, large flow area, small flow resistance, save energy. Jacket type butterfly valve working principle: jacket type hard seal butterfly valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve cover, disc, shaft, the body sealing ring, the disc sealing ring, shaft sleeve, bottom cover, driving device, etc. Turn by rotating butterfly valve handwheel, drive the worm worm gear, worm gear drive valve stem and disc, relative to the body within 90 degree rotation freely, in order to achieve the jacket type butterfly valve open and close, thus to realize the purpose of regulating the flow of medium and cutting fluid, the butterfly valve by rotating the handwheel clockwise to shut down. Valve design, manufacture according to GB/T12238 - 1989 'general valve flange and connected to the clamp butterfly valve', JB/T8527 - 1997 the metal sealing butterfly valve; The valve pressure test in accordance with the GB/T13927 - 1992 'general valve pressure test', JB/T9092 - 1999 the valve of inspection and test; The length of the valve structure according to GB/T12221 - 2005 the metal valve structure length; Flange connection size in accordance with the: GB/T9113. 1 - 2000 plane, convex integral steel pipe flange.
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